Monday 8 September 2014

Getting to Know Me Blog Hop

Hi guys!
Today I don't have a card for you, sorry about that... But I hope you'll enjoy this post anyways! I was tagged to participate in "Getting to Know Me Blog Hop" by my very good crafty girlfriend Sandie and I've been pondering my answers for the 5 given questions for some days now... :) But before we'll get to the questions I'd like to tell you who I invited as next participants! I chose

Elizabeta Kushner
Shery Russ

Are you already familiar with these amazingly talented crafters? Elizabeta is one of the newest additions in TIME OUT design team, a Croatian crafter with unique and super stylish style! I especially love her skills to use patterned paper in CAS designs and I'd love to hear her thoughts about how she puts her chic style together! Shery then is my "boss" at STAMPlorations and a mixed media queen. I'm sure many of you know her inspiring videos and tutorials... I'd love to hear about Shery's creative process. She has the skills to use SO MANY elements and make it all work! How in earth does she do it?!?

So, getting to know me then... Let's begin!

1. What creative projects are you currently working on?

Autumn is always busy time for me -after the long summer holidays it takes some time to get used to the rhythm of every day life. That means I've been making only DT cards lately: 5 cards per month for STAMPlorations and a card every fortnight to Inkspirational and for TIME OUT Challenges which is my "challenge baby" with the lovely Sandie. :) The most fun thing about DT cards is knowing the topics in advance: that gives you the possibility to think about your cards weeks before you actually make them...  Only to then change your mind about everything when sitting next to your craft desk! :) 

2. What inspires your designs? 

I usually start making my cards by choosing the stamps I want to use. After that the design of the stamp usually gives me ideas for the style and composition of the card but if I feel lost I look for sketch and color challenges. I love word inspiration challenges but the busyness of last weeks has unfortunately kept me away from playing along in any! I also love clothes and interior design and I often spot patterns and color combinations in fabrics that give me ideas for crafting. All you amazing bloggers out there inspire me A LOT too. 

3. What methods or process do you apply to each creative project and how long does each project take to complete?

Well, I'm a slow card maker, that's for sure! I like to practice on my stamping and/or coloring on a scrap piece of paper before actually making the card... And I'm also very fussy and if I'm unhappy about some element of the card I'm making I might start everything from scratch again. I'd say an average time for a card is 2 hours + all the thinking beforehand.

I guess the "process" is first thinking what I want to make: CAS card, vintage card, card with flowers, card with colored in images, card with colored in flowers... The list could go on and on... Then I pick the stamps, let the stamps guide me and do some more thinking... Then it's time for practicing and then executing.  Ush I sound like a boring person! :) 

4. If you had to describe your signature style what would it be?

I have no style! :) When I started card making I loved layers and vintage but after getting seriously into stamping and techniques I started to love CAS and creating cards that focus on making my own backgrounds... Nowadays it's a bit this and that but pretty mainstream anyways! No matter what style I go for I'd say that I do not like to embellish very much and I don't like to have many focal points in my cards -even the more layered/vintage cards never have several extra bits and bobs. Maybe one could say my style is "Uncluttered"... And again I sound super boring! Goosh! :)  

5. What 3 crafting products/tools could you not live without?

Paper Trimmer
Tape adhesive

All of these three tell about my obsession for everything to look neat and tidy... And possibly boring! ;) 

Sharp cut paper edges is a must and I use ruler in almost all my cards -it helps in getting stamping straight, centering images, thinking about the layout... I don't often draw pencil lines but there's a lot of "hanging around" with the ruler happening. Glue is super messy and I avoid is always when I can... Strong tape adhesive on the other hand is fast to use and keeps your fingers clean! 

That's all from me today. Remember to check Shery's and Elizabeta's blogs next Monday for getting to know them! Thanks for popping by! 



  1. What a great read and I would say not boring at all and neither are your cards! I love to see what you have created. I found it encouraging that it takes you time to create your cards - there is hope for me yet!!

  2. great read Nonni and you are far from boring and your cards are never boring! I see we create quite differently! Great tags, will look forward to reading their posts xx

  3. That was great, Nonni, and very well written! I loved getting to know you better, but I have one tiny criticism ~ you are NOT boring! I love your cards and loved reading about how the process works for you. I'm another crafter who doesn't like either my area or my cards to be cluttered so I really related to that! Hugs, Darnell

  4. Such fun to read some things about you! Didn't think it would take you so long to make a card... And you make great cards; I love that they are not all CAS... Thanks for sharing, Gerrina

  5. I enjoyed reading your post, Nonni, and 'Uncluttered' is definitely not boring!

  6. Well, I find it very hard to believe anything is boring about you, Nonni :-)

  7. Most definitely NOT boring, Nonni! Such a great post and lovely finding out a little more about you. I'm so with you on uncluttered, clean and tidy! Anita :)

  8. Hi Nonni. Your cards are very interesting, definitely not boring!!!! It is very much an art to make something look uncluttered whilst still having lots of detail ... and you're a master of it! Also glad to hear that I'm not the only one making cards at snails pace :-) Have a great day!!! xxx

  9. Such an engaging, delightful look at 'behind the, cards' Nonni! Your versatility of style is certainly an aspect of your creativity that stands out for me. A visit to your blog is always a guarantee of something dazzling and unique. I will, however, respectfully disagree with your remark that you're boring! NO WAY does that word apply to either you or your style! Uncluttered, unique, and always stunning...those fit you much better!!


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